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Why is Acronis a good choice for MSPs? 

MSPs today are navigating a landscape marked by several daunting challenges:

  • Not enough talent around

    A worldwide shortage of IT security experts makes it even harder to juggle multiple security brands and stay on top. 

  • Growing cyber threats
    Cyber threats, especially ransomware and data breaches, are rising, creating significant risks for keeping data safe and secure.
  • Increasing complexity
    MSPs face a lot of complexity with too many tools and applications, making things less efficient and more likely to go wrong.

What is Acronis? 

Acronis makes protecting data and fighting cyber threats easy for MSPs. 

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud consolidates backup, disaster recovery, cybersecurity, and endpoint management into a single platform. Acronis makes it easy for MSPs to scale services while enhancing margins and streamlining business operations via powerful automation capabilities and broad integrations. 

Acronis advantages


Complete Solution

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud brings together data backup, disaster recovery, cyber security, and management in one spot, cutting down on clutter and stress.


Saves Money

Acronis cuts cost more than other options by combining many tools into one and making things run smoother, saving you money on labor.


Better Security

It offers strong protection with advanced features like attack detection before it happens, fighting malware, keeping software up to date, and guarding against many cyber threats.


More Backup Methods

Acronis supports a range of backups from individual files through virtual machines to an entire operating system and its applications. Controls let you back up and restore emails, files, sites, or attachments.


Third-party Integration

The Acronis Backup Gateway stores backups in the Acronis cloud infrastructure, third-party cloud environments, or alternative off-site storage to suit their compliance and risk requirements.

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