Exclaimer for MSPs

Automated email signatures

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Easy & Efficient

Create and update email signatures with drag-and-drop editor or templates to add contact info, logos, images, links, etc.


Centralize & Automate

Assign different email signatures to different groups centrally from Exclaimer's portal. Integrate with Outlook and G Suite, and access across devices.


Brand Consistency

No more DIY signatures that fail to reflect your customers' brand identity. Stay on-brand and deliver uniform information every time.


Server Security

With Exclaimer, all emails are protected. They never leave your costumer's servers, ensuring advanced security across all devices.

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More than email signatures

Upgrade your Exclaimer customers with these features to add extra value.


  • Add advertising banners directly into email signatures

  • Plan email signatures to align with marketing campaigns

  • View dashboard for engagement analytics such as impressions and clicks


  • Add surveys directly into email signatures

  • Get higher response rates with easy-to-use surveys

  • Gain insight into an analysis dashboard with survey responses

Meeting booking

  • Add automatic meeting booking directly in email signatures
  • Connect to your Outlook calendar
  • Allow team members to define the days and times they want to be available for bookings

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