The Standard

To all MSPs wondering what makes us different

MSPs are stuck with outdated platforms to deal with new and constantly evolving cloud solutions.

We are here to challenge business as usual in cloud distribution – giving MSPs the time to grow their business.

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Forget standard. Choose The Standard.

Let's dive into today's cloudplexity for MSPs 

Keeping up with the ever-changing cloud services and increasing customer expectations can be a real headache for MSPs. It's a moving target that requires both time and expertise. 

Navigating today's cloud distribution landscape also includes this triple threat of challenges for MSPs:

  1. Outdated cloud management makes you jump from one platform to another to buy, sell, and manage your customers' licenses – never feeling like much work gets done. 
  2. Mysterious billing data makes it a struggle to consolidate customers' Microsoft subscription changes – blocking your path to sending out correct invoices and getting your money on time. 
  3. Maze-like customer service and support makes it hard to find the right person or department to get competent help and advice that moves you forward.  

It's no mystery why most MSPs feel trapped in snowballing cloudplexity. 

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The Standard is our promise to MSPs

Are you tired of standard cloud distribution?
Snowballing cloudplexity?
Maze-like support? Mysterious pricing?

Forget standard.
Choose The Standard. 

The Standard is all about a value-adding partnership where your growth, needs, and success dictate our focus and services. 

Our model. Only for MSPs. Never your customers.

MSP Model

Rethinking cloud distribution

The Standard is an inexplicably simple new way for MSPs to manage their cloud solutions supported by groundbreakingly stable cloudheads.

Based on a market-leading partner portal that completely streamlines how you order, sell, and manage cloud services. Saving time and money. It's hilariously logical.

As the groundbreakingly stable and unstoppably friendly cloudheads, we're not just distributing world-leading cloud licenses; we're in the game to revolutionize the way Managed Service Providers operate. 

Extravagantly efficient

Cloud Management

Our Partner Portal is a hilariously logical approach to ordering, selling, and managing cloud services. So you can reduce time spent on administration and prioritize core services.

Inexplicably simple

Invoicing & Billing

With our automated billing and invoicing, you can streamline your entire financial workflow. Effortless integration for immeasurably precise results. Saving time and money.

Intimately expert

24/7 Tech Support

Our passionate experts translate cloud into real language, providing clear and honest support 24/7. Groundbreakingly stable technical advice based on a genuine understanding of your business.

Daringly helpful

Commercial Support

Our ambitiously grounded pledge to help grow your business combines cloud-high imagination with conquer-the-world determination. Enjoy campaign funding, commercial sparring and more.

Unwaveringly flexible

Contract terms

No commitment, no upfront costs. This is our unstoppably friendly promise to give you the freedom you need to thrive. Whether you are scaling up or down, we keep things simple.

Cheekily loyal

Only for MSPs

100% partner. This is our philosophy. From strengthening your foundation to exploring growth opportunities, we are wildly focused on fueling your success. Every step of the way.

What do other MSPs say about us? 

It's hard to explain how we're different when most websites say the same thing. Luckily for us, MSPs don't say the same thing about every distributor.

With Cloud Factory, we get advice and collaboration like nowhere else.

Carsten, Itino

Cloud Factory has made a big difference for us.
So down-to-earth and so competent

John, GreyIT
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Why choose Cloud Factory?

Because 'The Standard' is our promise to you of a genuine value-adding partnership. 

With Cloud Factory in your corner, you're equipped with never-saw-that-coming advice and a platform that redefines efficiency, simplicity, and support in the cloud services industry.