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Enjoy endless support through Teams, phone, or email. We also have the insider material you'll need to succeed.


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Why is Keepit a good choice for MSPs?

Because Keepit helps you and your customers tackle these challenges:

  • Data Vulnerability 

    Increasing cyber threats make customer data protection more important than ever.

  • Complex Backup Needs
    Customers use varied environments, complicating backup processes.

  • Regulatory Compliance 
    Staying compliant with data protection laws requires reliable and secure backup solutions.

What is Keepit? 

Keepit provides a dedicated cloud backup service for MSPs and customers. 

As a specialized solution for backing up SaaS data, Keepit offers an uncomplicated, secure, and reliable way to protect client data across multiple platforms like Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and Google Workspace.

Keepit advantages


Quick and Simple Setup

Deploy Keepit in just minutes. Simplify the backup process with no need for complex configuration.


Predictable Pricing

Enjoy transparent, seat-based pricing with unlimited storage, ensuring no surprises in cost management.


Everything Backup

Keepit backs up everything, providing four copies of data across two secure data centers.


Enhanced Security

Leverage blockchain-based security to ensure the integrity and safety of all backed-up data.


Seamless Integration

Integrates smoothly with numerous platforms, ensuring backups are consistent and up-to-date.


Legal Compliance

Keepit’s backup solution helps MSPs meet stringent compliance requirements effortlessly.

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