We can be your new

Microsoft Indirect Provider and Cloud Distributor

A quick check on your Microsoft situation: 

  • Confused by Microsoft licensing? Do you find it hard to keep up with ever-changing Microsoft licenses, incentives, and programs? 
  • Billing issues? Struggling with inaccurate billing data or clunky APIs that never seem to get it right? 
  • Wasting time? Do you spend too much time managing Microsoft licenses and not enough time selling?
  • Or maybe... All of the above? 

Discover how Cloud Factory can catapult your business to The Standard in managing your Microsoft subscriptions.  

Microsoft Subs Dark

Cloud Factory has customized the billing basis to automatically integrate with our ERP system, saving us time.

Rasmus, Itino

Microsoft has their way of invoicing, and Cloud Factory helps us get billing organized in our own financial system.

Patrick, Back It Up

A new home for your Microsoft 365 business  

Use our platform to make it a whole lot easier to buy, sell, and manage all your customers' Microsoft 365 licenses. 

Microsft 365 Preview

Microsoft 365

Microsft Dynamics365 Preview

Dynamics 365

Microsft Power Platform Preview

Power Platform

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Microsoft Azure

Your Benefits 

6 reasons to use Cloud Factory as your Microsoft distributor.

Extravagantly efficient

Cloud Management

Our Partner Portal is a hilariously logical approach to ordering, selling, and managing cloud services. So you can reduce time spent on administration and prioritize core services.

Inexplicably simple

Invoicing & Billing

With our automated billing and invoicing, you can streamline your entire financial workflow. Effortless integration for immeasurably precise results. Saving time and money.

Intimately expert

24/7 Tech Support

Our passionate experts translate cloud into real language, providing clear and honest support 24/7. Groundbreakingly stable technical advice based on a genuine understanding of your business.

Daringly helpful

Commercial Support

Our ambitiously grounded pledge to help grow your business combines cloud-high imagination with conquer-the-world determination. Enjoy campaign funding, commercial sparring and more.

Unwaveringly flexible

Contract terms

No commitment, no upfront costs. This is our unstoppably friendly promise to give you the freedom you need to thrive. Whether you are scaling up or down, we keep things simple.

Cheekily loyal

Only for MSPs

100% partner. This is our philosophy. From strengthening your foundation to exploring growth opportunities, we are wildly focused on fueling your success. Every step of the way.

Our platform is made for Microsoft 

Our cloud management platform replaces endless choices with the speed, reliability, and precision you need to service all your Microsoft customers

Turn the daily grind into daily greatness with the new standard of partner-centric tools: API integration, streamlined billing, tech support, and much more.

Assign Azure Ownership Dark

I can set up a new customer in less than 5 minutes.

Laura, Toolpack Solutions

It’s so easy. Select the Microsoft 365 licenses and create a quote. With just a few keystrokes.

Patrick, Back It Up

Microsoft Support

Get certified Microsoft tech support

Don't worry about being a Microsoft expert—our team of certified Microsoft 'cloudheads' is here to help. We support even the most expert MSPs through complex technical challenges at no cost.

What we offer:

  • License Queries: Smooth handling of all your licensing questions.
  • Microsoft Partnership Assistance: Helping you navigate your partnership with Microsoft.
  • Legacy/NCE Solutions: Expertise in managing transitions and updates.
  • Incentives: Maximizing benefits to give you the best possible outcomes.
  • Customer Transfers: Seamless assistance with customer account transitions
  • GDAP Management Tool: Manage your Admin Relationships in our Partner Portal

Also, benefit from our Microsoft Premier Support Agreement, where we can file cases on your behalf, ensuring you receive top-tier support when you need it most.


Want to partner up with us?

We check

First, we check your status as a Microsoft Indirect Reseller and find the best options for your business. 

You approve

Next, approve us in Microsoft’s Partner Center and set up reseller relationships with your customers—each taking just 30-60 seconds.  

We help you migrate

Our team smoothly transfers all your licenses, whether from another distributor or a credit card setup. Now, you're a partner!


What is Microsoft CSP?

CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider. It's a licensing agreement with Microsoft that allows you to become an Indirect Reseller. This means you can purchase and resell Microsoft cloud services and licenses to your customers.

What can a distributor do for me?

As a Microsoft Indirect Provider (distributor), we support you as an reseller with:

  • License advice and support 
  • Flexibility in licensing and pricing 
  • Consolidated billing
  • Better pricing or savings
  • Access to value-added services
The Standard 10 Wide
The Standard 05 Square


Why become a Microsoft Indirect Reseller?

As a Microsoft Indirect Reseller, you can concentrate on selling licenses without having to meet the stringent requirements imposed on Direct Partners.

Unlike Direct Partners, Indirect Resellers DO NOT need to:

  • Meet a Minimum Annual Revenue of $300,000
  • Maintain an Annual Support Agreement Costing €13,500
  • Offer at Least One Managed Service or Customer App
  • Manage Infrastructure Including Automated Billing and Customer Support
  • Provide ITIL Customer Support

The real advantage of being a Microsoft Indirect Reseller is all about what you don’t have to do!

We handle the details:
We take care of the above requirements for you, so you can focus on what you do best—taking care of your Microsoft customers.


Is it free to join Cloud Factory?

Yes. There is no cost to become a partner, nor is there any charge to remain a partner and use our services and platform. You only pay for the Microsoft licenses you sell to your customers.

How do I switch?

The process is actually quite simple, and our onboarding team helps with most of it. For example, we assist in transferring your licenses from another distributor.

Is there any downtime during the switch?

All Microsoft licenses seamlessly transfer to us from your current distributor without any downtime. Therefore, your customers will not notice any disruption during the switch.

What can I transfer?

You can transfer all Microsoft cloud solutions, such as Office 365, Dynamics, Power BI, and Azure. We ensure your licenses expire with your current distributor and remove auto-renew, so you avoid double payment.

How do I bill my customers?

We send you CSV and XML files with all the necessary details to correctly bill your customers. These files are compatible with most ERP systems, including e-conomic and D365 Business Central.

How fast is the support?

We always answer the phone—and quickly. The average wait time for our support is only 13 seconds.

Not a standard cloud distributor  

Are you tired of standard cloud management?
Snowballing cloudplexity? Maze-like support? Mysterious pricing?

Forget standard.
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