Cloud Management Platform

Build and grow your cloud subscription business. 
100% for MSPs. 0% cloudplexity. 

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The Partner Portal is so cool.
We save time – and time is money.

Niels, CoworkIt

We have a single customer view and can see all the products each individual customer uses.

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Key Benefits of the Platform

  • Subscription management
  • Easy billing
  • APIs and integrations
  • Digital product catalogue
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Free for our partners 

Easy is the new standard

Microsoft License Management

Manage your Microsoft customer licenses 

It can be overwhelming for MSPs to manage their customers' Microsoft licenses. Especially as your business grows and you handle thousands of subscriptions.

Advance from chaos to calm – with our platform you can: 

  • Instantly provision a license
  • Assign a license with a single click
  • Upgrade any license smoothly

Revolutionize the way you manage your Microsoft customer licenses and make every day work faster, simpler, and more efficient. 

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1. Save Work Time

Order, sell, and manage cloud services in one place. We've cut out all the unnecessary clicks, so you don’t have to bounce between different browser windows and platforms.

2. Improve Earnings

Get ahead in the recurring business game.  See exactly what your customers spend, and how much profit each service brings. Plus, beef up your offerings with additional services to increase margins.

3. Easy Customer Billing

Set your price and bill your customers directly. You can even draft invoices in your accounting system and then add your own services on top. It’s easy and flexible.

Not a standard platform 

Crafted for MSPs, our platform fuels your journey towards a booming subscription and service business. 

Leave the marketplace maze in the past and switch to a sleek, efficient cloud management platform. 

We've replaced overwhelming options with the speed and accuracy needed to serve all your clients.

But we're not just about Microsoft. We enable MSPs and resellers to bundle and sell Acronis, Dropbox, Keepit, and more.

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I can set up a new customer in less than 5 minutes.

Laura, Toolpack Solutions

Most of my daily tasks can be handled directly in the Partner Portal.

Martin, JDM

What's the problem with most platforms today?

Platform Cloudplexity

We've all experienced the maze of cloud management platforms. That's why we revamped the MSP game for simplicity and speed. 

With fewer clicks and a straightforward interface, our platform gives you an instant overview of all customer licenses and usage. Tailored for MSPs, it's the tool you'll wish you had sooner.

You might ask, "But isn't Microsoft the same for everyone?" No, we are maxing out Microsoft's API with direct links to your tenants. It's fast, like nothing you've seen before. 

Billing Chaos

Most MSPs struggle with endless cycles of manual billing and wrong data. Naturally, this causes errors and delayed payments. 

Our platform cuts through the cloudplexity – with easy re-billing and full API to connect to your ERP or invoicing system. It's as close as you get to automating your entire billing process. 

From generating invoices to adjusting for price changes, we turn what was once a days-long struggle into an efficient, error-free process. 

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What can you do on our platform?

Here are a few examples:

Products: Buy, sell, and view all customer licenses from Microsoft, Dropbox, Acronis, etc.

Categories: View product categories and create a customized sales catalog with all your products and services.

Quotes: Create tailor-made offers and invoices with all your services.

Prices: View prices for all cloud services and the recommended retail price for your customers.

API: Get easy re-billing and full API to bridge our platform with your ERP or invoicing system.

Manage Microsoft Users: Add, delete, and manage users in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

White-label Portal: Give your customers the ability to order and manage Microsoft licenses.

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