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Why is ESET a good choice for MSPs?

Because ESET helps you and your customers tackle these challenges:

  • Rising Security Threats 

    Increasingly sophisticated cyber threats demand robust, proactive security measures.

  • Compliance Pressures
    The need for compliance with new regulations is more pressing than ever.

  • Resource Constraints
    Limited resources make it a challenge to manage and implement comprehensive security solutions.

What is ESET? 

ESET provides advanced cybersecurity solutions tailored for MSPs. 

Offering a suite of tools from endpoint protection to full disk encryption, ESET enables MSPs to secure client environments efficiently. This way you can ensure compliance and mitigate risks with minimal resource expenditure.

ESET Benefits


Comprehensive Protection

Get a complete range of security solutions from endpoint security to full disk encryption and cloud sandboxing.


Resource Efficiency

ESET is low-touch, requiring minimal management and maintenance, thus saving valuable time and resources.


Flexible Integration

With robust API capabilities, ESET integrates seamlessly into existing MSP operations.


Proactive Management

ESET's proactive tools detect and neutralize threats before they can cause harm.


Cost-Effective Scaling

ESET's pricing model adapts to the size and needs of your business to provide cost-effective security solutions.

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