7 Things to Expect from Your Cloud Distributor in 2024

In today’s MSP landscape, complexity reigns supreme. It’s a given—Managed Service Providers must demand more from their cloud distributor. 

But it’s not just about cloud licenses anymore. It’s a quest for a partner who blends cheeky loyalty with a universally local touch and a daringly helpful hand.

Choosing the right cloud distributor (for Microsoft and other vendors) is as crucial as the services you provide to your customers.

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Make sure your cloud distributor delivers in these seven areas: 

1. Cheekily loyal: Choose a partner, avoid a new competitor

In the hyper-competitive cloudscape, your cloud distributor should be a steadfast ally, not a shadow competitor. Seek out a partner who treasures long-term relationships over quick wins.

You must also ensure that your cloud distributor’s business model supports partnership over competition, with a clear channel strategy that prevents conflicts of interest. This breed of loyalty is rare but crucial for your growth and stability.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • Does the distributor operate with a channel strategy that never targets your customers?
  • Has your distributor designed its incentive structure to primarily support your growth and success?

2. Universally local: Support and understanding beyond language

Your ideal cloud distributor has its boots on the ground – partly by providing tech support (for Microsoft and other cloud brands) but also by understanding your market’s unique challenges and opportunities.

Top-tier support transcends time zones and language barriers, offering a deep dive into local nuances, from regional regulations to cultural quirks. These are the things that remote support centers often lack.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • Does your cloud distributor demonstrate a solid local understanding of your business?
  • Is it easy for you to access tech specialists and Premier Support?
  • Are there multiple local success stories or case studies with partners like you?

3. Help to grow: Mutual success in the market

Choose a cloud distributor that only grows when you grow. Your partner should go beyond the call of duty, offering market insights, business development tools, and a collaborative spirit that fuels your growth. 

Look for a partner who built a cloud management platform to help you tackle your most pressing goals and market challenges.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • Does your distributor’s cloud management platform assist growth and efficiency?
  • Do you gain access to helpful marketing and sales enablement tools and content?


4. Inexplicably simple pricing: No hidden costs

Complexity is the norm for MSPs. Conversely, your distributor's pricing model should be a breath of fresh air – transparent straightforward, with no hidden fees lurking in the fine print.

This clarity builds trust, enabling you to plan financially without fear of surprises.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • Can your cloud distributor provide a clear breakdown of its pricing model?
  • Are there any hidden costs or fees?
  • Is it easy for you to forecast your margins?

5. Intimately technical: Navigating the cloud together with you

You need your cloud distributor to be more than an indirect service provider. In 2024, you should look for expert guidance to help you navigate the intricacies of cloud technology.

Make sure you have easy access to knowledgeable people who can provide best practices, emerging tech trends, and strategic advice tailored to your specific business model.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • Do you have easy access to the right people at your distributor?
  • What level of personalized technical support and guidance do you get?

6. Extravagantly efficient: Streamlining your operations

Operational efficiency is vital for MSPs. Your cloud distributor must be able to offer tools and processes that cut through the clutter, making routine tasks like billing and customer management as effortless as a cloud drifting in the sky.

This lets you focus on what truly matters – scaling your business and delighting your customers.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • How does the cloud management platform reduce administrative workload?
  • Are you able to automate billing and integrate it with your ERP system?
  • Which new and upcoming optimization tools will help you save time and money?
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7. Unwaveringly forward-looking: Staying ahead of the curve

Expect your cloud distributor to keep up, anticipate the next big thing, and create the tools and platform ready to tackle future MSP challenges and opportunities.

A partner who embraces continuous innovation ensures you always get the latest and greatest in cloud technology.

What every MSP needs to ask:

  • What is the track record of platform and tool updates?
  • What educational resources or training can you get to stay updated with new technologies and market opportunities?


In the rapidly evolving cloud landscape of 2024, MSPs must look beyond essential services to find a cloud distributor that aligns with their values and business needs.

Through cheeky loyalty, local insights, and a commitment to mutual growth, the right distributor becomes more than a provider—it becomes a partner in your success.

This guide highlights seven key areas that are crucial for MSPs, from transparent pricing to technical expertise and forward-looking innovation.

Asking the right questions in these areas will help you identify a distributor equipped to navigate the cloud’s complexities together.

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